A Case Against Academic Freedom: “They Are Trying To Isolate The Peace Academics”


On the 5th of December 2017 , the hearings of the penal cases are starting to be held in Turkey, regarding the academics from several universities who have signed the peace declaration named “We will not be a party to this crime” in 2016.  According to the indictment, academics are being charged with “making propaganda for a terrorist organization” and are facing 7,5 years of imprisonment. The indictments are being filed by Istanbul Public Chief Prosecutor’s Office. The exact number of academics who are all charged with the same indictment but on an individual basis. If all first signatories get indicted, the number will exceed a thousand.

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A Commentary on the Indictment against Academics for Peace


The following text consists of a summary of the body of the Bill of Indictment with relevant commentaries in the footnotes. Although the penal case against the Academics for Peace petition has been filed on an individual basis regarding the signatories, each case shares a uniform Bill of Indictment [1]. Several High Criminal Courts in Istanbul have been appointed as the court-on-duty for the cases—each of them using this uniform Bill of Indictment as the basis of the criminal process. You can also read this commentary as a PDF. Continue reading

Academics for Peace Blog

The law is usually associated as antagonistic to despotism, thought of as a source of freedom. But events in Turkey and other countries have shown how is the law instrumentalised in order to suppress academic freedom. This blog documents judicial proceedings against the Academics for Peace as an example to study a phenomenon that can be witnessed all over the globe. Continue reading