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A Commentary on the Indictment against Academics for Peace

The following text consists of a summary of the body of the Bill of Indictment with relevant commentaries in the footnotes. Although the penal case against the Academics for Peace petition has been filed on an individual basis regarding the signatories, each case shares a uniform Bill of Indictment [1]....

Academics for Peace Acquitted by 17 Courts

Trial of academics, who have been charged with “propagandizing for a terrorist organization” for having signed the declaration entitled “We will not be a party to this crime” prepared by the Academics for Peace, continued in Kocaeli and İstanbul today (September 17).

Prof. Füsun Üstel Released

Attorney Baybuğa has said, “Right now, I can say that the execution [of the sentence] has been suspended. We are very happy,” on the release of Üstel, an academic for peace.

Academic for Peace Tuna Altınel Released

The court has ruled for the release of Assoc. Prof. Altınel without judicial control measures. He is charged with “membership of a terrorist organization” because of interpreting speeches in a conference.

Prof. Füsun Üstel Released

Prof. Dr. Füsun Üstel, a signatory of the Peace Declaration, has been released from the Eskişehir Women’s Closed Prison where she had been behind bars since she turned herself in on May 8 to serve the prison term approved by the İstanbul Regional Court of Justice 3rd Penal Chamber.

Arrestation en Turquie d’un mathématicien de l’université Lyon-I

  PAR NICOLAS CHEVIRON – 11 Mai 2019   Source:   Tuna Altinel, un mathématicien turc travaillant à l’université de Lyon-I, a été arrêté et placé en détention provisoire samedi en Turquie. Les autorités turques l’accusent de propagande terroriste. Il avait signé en 2016 une pétition pour la paix...

Our Blog Author Dr.Tuna Altınel is Imprisoned

The last episode in the relentless expansion of arbitrary practices and crushing repression took place this Saturday, 11th of May, when Tuna Altinel, a signatory of the Academic for Peace petition and a mathematician and associate professor at the University of Lyon 1 was put in jail in Balıkesir, Turkey....

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