The European Court of Human Rights Has Recently Reacted to the Situation Regarding Academics for Peace

On 26 September 2018, the Strasbourg Court  communicated to Turkish
government three cases Telek v. Turkey (Application no. 66763/17), Şar
v. Turkey (Application no. 66767/17) and Kivilcim v. Turkey
(Application no. 15891/18). These three cases concern the cancellation
of passports of three Academics for Peace dismissed from academic
institutions and banned from public service under state of emergency
legislation in Turkey. Despite the state of emergency having come to
an end in July 2018, the applicants, like others, are still deprived
of a valid passport, unable to travel or to engage in academic work at
home or abroad, and have had no opportunity to challenge the
lawfulness of the measures taken against them.

The details of the cases and the communication of the European Court
of Human Rights are available here: ECtHR Application of Telek, Sar, Kivilcim against Turkey

Three interventions that are submitted by third parties:

Written Submission by Turkey Litigation Support Project, Amnesty International, Article 19 and PEN International 

Written Submission by Human Rights Centre of Ghent University and the Scholars at Risk Network

Written Submission by the International Commission of Jurist

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