Our Blog Author Dr.Tuna Altınel is Imprisoned

The last episode in the relentless expansion of arbitrary practices and crushing repression took place this Saturday, 11th of May, when Tuna Altinel, a signatory of the Academic for Peace petition and a mathematician and associate professor at the University of Lyon 1 was put in jail in Balıkesir, Turkey.
Tuna Altinel is a French resident since 1996 and is the author of the chroniques “Aux suivants” of our Blog.  Tuna’s Turkish passport was confiscated at Istanbul airport last month, when he travelled to Turkey to visit his family over the Easter break. 

The official grounds provided for his incarceration today are that he took part in an event organised in Lyon on the 28th of February 2019 by an association of solidarity with Kurdish people, which an MP in exile, from opposition party HDP and from the city of Cizre, was also attending. During that event, a documentary was shown with scenes of the massacres committed by the Turkish security forces in Cizre after the electoral defeat of the ruling party AKP on the 7th of June 2015, i.e. the very massacres that motivated the peace petition.

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