Bulletin From HRFT: A Legal Panorama of the Academic Purge in Turkey

In July 2018 The Human Rights Foundation of Turkey, one of the prominent NGO’s in Turkey in the defense of human rights, has published a bulletin regarding the situation of Turkish academz under the conditions of the State of Emergency. Published under the scope of the project “Supporting Academics as a Human Rights Actor in a Challenging Context”, the bulletin elaborates the ways that academy becomes subject to legal arbitrariness ans insecurity.

The bullettin, after laying out the main tenets of the State of Emergency experience, documents the details of the academic purge imposed through governmental decrees and investigations. Additionally, the bulletin introduces an outline of the re-regulation of the Turkish academy on a structural level and being transformed into state apparatus which, in turn, magnifies the harm made on the institutional academical culture.

The Bulletin can be accesed through here.

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